adjustable climber “Pikler triangle with slide”

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The Pikler triangle can be changed to several different positions, creating a new exiting play area for the child each time. The set also includes a dual-side slide, which makes playing even more inreresting and fun – the cild can climb the rungs on one side and slide down the other side. The slide can be placed at different heights by adjusting its steepness. Climbing is a great pastime for a toddler to develop the child`s coordination and motor skills.
The product is suitable for use from one year and has a load weight of up to 50 kg.
Handmade from solid birch wood and finished with child-friendly osmo oil wax.
NB! The triangle dissembled dimentions 54 sm (W) x 85 sm (L) x 30 sm (H). The slide dimentions 40 sm x 120 sm x 5 sm. They can be picked up for free or ordered by courier directly to your home for a fee.

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