board game “Shapes and colors”

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Board game “Shapes and colors” – 7 games in one box! The set includes 4 illustrated cards, 16 colored shapes, 2 semicircles, instructions.

How to play?

  • Ask the child to choose a card. Look at the picture together and discuss what and who is illustrated there.
  • Help the child remember the names of the shapes. To do this, guide the child to discover his sense of touch by tracing the edge of the card with his finger, noting the length of the edges and the corners.
  • Ask the child to assemble the picture: find suitable shapes and place them on each card.
  • Turn the card over and ask the child to sort the shapes by shape by saying their names.
  • Look with the child with the color of the back of the card. Repeat the shape’s name and color (red circle, blue square, etc.).
  • Ask the child to place all the shapes of the same color on the card.
  • Let the child edit by himself and use his imagination. 

The game helps to develop logical and associative thinking and to learn basic geometric shapes and colors.

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