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Montessori puzzles are useful for exploring the nature around us.

The set includes the following puzzles:

  • Fish – head, dorsal fin, lateral line, caudal fin, anal fin, ventral fin, pectoral fin.
  • Leaf – leaf base with stipules, petiole, midrib, veins, upper side of the leaf blade, underside of the leaf blade, leaf apex.
  • Frog – hind limbs, torso, forelimb, head
  • Bird – tail, wing, torso, legs, head
  • Horse – tail, hind legs, torso, front legs, neck, mane, head

Comes with a convenient cabinet that holds exactly 5 puzzles.

Montessori puzzles differ from ordinary puzzles in that each piece represents a certain part of the body that must be placed in a strictly defined place. Each part has a small handle-button, which makes it convenient for the child to pick up the puzzle pieces with his fingers, while training his grip.

These attractive and realistic learning tools stimulate a toddler’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, develop the child’s vocabulary and logical thinking.

Let your child make his own little discovery!

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