scooter “Globber Primo”

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Get ready for long rides with scooter Globber Primo!

The three-wheeled, foldable children’s scooter is equipped with a steering wheel, which allow to make tighter turns up to 90° and develop driving skills better! The patented front wheel locking mechanism ensures stability during learning, allowing the child to quickly learn to maintain balance while riding. Open the wheels with a button when your child is ready to steer. Two 12 cm wheels at the front and one 8 cm wheel at the back help you navigate the city roads safely.

Important features:

*3-height adjustable T-bar: 67.7 sm; 72.5 sm; 77.5 sm
*Age recommendation 3-7 years
*Recommended height of user: 95-120 sm
*Maximum load capacity 50 kg
*Foot base size 12.5*54.5 sm

Easy to fold and take with you!

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