stroller ski set Wheelblades XL

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Wheelblades XL universal stroller ski set are designed for use on the front wheels of strollers and help make strolling in thick and fresh snow easier. The purpose of the skis is to distribute the weight evenly, preventing the stroller from sinking into the snow and increasing its maneuverability, thereby facilitating parents’ walking.

The stroller skis are suitable for wheels with a diameter of 15-30 cm, which includes most strollers. If your stroller wheel diameter falls within this range, the Wheelblades XL skis should fit well with your stroller. Initially, fitting the skis to the wheels may take some time, but the included key assists in this process. Once the correct diameter is set, using the skis does not require removing the wheels, and installation and removal are easy. This allows you to use the stroller on various surfaces. For example, you can leave home with the stroller, attach the skis to the wheels, go for a walk, and then remove the skis before going to the store.

Thanks to the well-thought-out design of the skis, they are suitable for any brand of stroller. The attachment holds the skis tightly to the wheel. The sliding surface is made of durable plastic. The skis are suitable for both four-wheeled and three-wheeled strollers. A single ski is sufficient for the latter.

Wheelblades is a Swiss brand that has been producing specialized ski attachments for strollers since 2012.

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