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Tube sort ball game is a fun and educational way to promote child development! The main objective of this game is to sort the balls into the test tubes according to the tasks shown on a double-sided card. The cards are numbered. It is recommended to start with sorting from the easier exercises, as the tasks become more challenging as the numbers increase. Initially, the child can pick up the balls with their fingers, and once their finger grip is well trained, they can try using tongs for practice.

This game allows children to develop several important skills:

  1. Hand-eye coordination: collecting and sorting the balls into the test tubes requires coordination between the child’s hands and eyes. This helps develop finger dexterity and precision.
  2. Attention to detail and logical thinking: the child needs to carefully observe the task shown on the card and identify which balls should go into the test tube.
  3. Color perception: sorting the balls in to the test tubes according to their colors helps the child learn different color names and develop the ability to recognize them. This promotes visual perception and color sensitivity.
  4. Persistence and problem-solving: as the tasks become more challenging, the child needs to exert more effort and try different approaches to solve them. This helps develop persistence, problem-solving skills, and patience.
  5. Fine motor skills: using tongs as part of the game provides an additional challenge and helps train the child’s finger grip. This further enhances fine motor skills.
  6. Understanding order and structure: by solving tasks in sequence and emptying the test tubes before starting a new task, the child learns the importance of order and structure. This can contribute to the child’s overall organizational skills.
  7. Collaboration skills: if the game is played with other children or adults, it can help the child develop collaboration skills, communication, and the ability to work together with others.

Note: The original tube sort ball game kit only included one test tube!

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