wooden peg dolls “Palos”

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Grapat wooden peg dolls Palos are cone-shaped sticks with different colored hats and two peeking eyes.

Grapat is a Spanish toy manufacturer that emphasizes the use of natural materials, sustainable production processes, and leaving a minimal ecological footprint. Grapat toys are primarily designed for open-ended play, where children can use their imagination and creativity. In Catalan, “Grapat” means “a handful” and refers to playing with a large quantity of indistinguishable objects. When playing, a child can use Palos sticks as animals, trees, or fantastical creatures, allowing their imagination to soar and creating unique play scenarios.

Palos sticks can also be used to create miniature worlds in conjunction with other toys. They can be arranged as puzzle pieces or used in solving mathematical tasks. They can also be used for language development as children communicate and express their thoughts and ideas while playing with them.

Grapat wooden peg dolls are also excellent for sensory play, as children can explore different textures and color combinations. They are pleasant to touch and hold, offering endless opportunities for creative and exploratory play.

The box contains a total of 18 Palos sticks, represented in 6 different colors. This allows children to engage in various games, utilizing different color combinations and fostering creativity.


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