insert puzzle “Who eats what?”

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The insert puzzle “Who eats what?” is a 2-layer play table for the development of your baby’s visual perception, fine motor skills and logical and spatial thinking.

First layer: animals

Second layer: their favorite food

You can play in different ways:

  • Ask the child to look carefully at the pictures on the top panel of the board. What animals does he see?

  • Ask the child to name each animal and guess its favorite food. Take out the animals together and check if the answer was correct.

  • During the game, ask the child to show you all the wild animals, all the domestic animals, all the birds, etc. and tell you what he knows about them.

  • Take out all the pictures from the cells, lay them out on the table and give the child the task of finding the its lover for each food. When the task is completed, you can start placing the spacers in the cells according to their contours.

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