small building set “Four Elements”

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Grimm’s small building set „Four Elements“ is a combination of the four fundamental forces that all work together. These forces are the four primal elements: air, fire, water, and earth. The set includes 23 wooden building blocks that can be assembled into various shapes.

The building blocks have wavy or natural forms, which differentiate them from traditional geometric blocks. With these unique shapes, you can create your own world, such as mountain ranges, swirling oceans, alien landscapes, winding roads, and futuristic silhouettes. You can play with them on a table or on the floor, where magnificent structures can emerge. In addition to the fun of playing, this set helps develop a child’s fine motor skills, logical thinking, and spatial awareness. It also introduces children to the basic elements that are the basis of everything.

Grimm’s small building set “Four Elements” is made of high-quality and safe wood. Wood is a natural material that provides a warm and pleasant touch to the toy and is durable. The colors of the set are natural and free from harmful dyes.

Grimm’s is known for its high quality and design, and their products are versatile and multifunctional, allowing children to express their creativity and building skills through various challenges and scenarios.

The wooden frame of the set is 22.5 cm long, and the blocks are 2 cm thick. These dimensions allow children to comfortably hold and combine the building blocks according to their creativity and construction ideas. Additionally, Grimm’s construction sets can be combined with each other to create even larger and more complex shapes.

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